Bird Box Week

Today Nest Box….
The seagrass nesting bag , nesting pockets and camouflage birdhouse are ideal for wren, blue tits or robins. Made from natural materials this well made birdhouse comes with good insulation which will provide your feathered friends with a warm and dry spot for them to start a nest for the breeding season. Its great camouflage for the birds that like to be well hidden and seeking shelter.
What is National Nest Box Week?
National Nest Box Week is an annual event to encourage people to put up nest boxes in their gardens. It has been running for over 20 years and always starts on the same day each year, Valentine’s Day, 14th – 21st February. National Nest Box Week aims to help offer breeding birds a place to nest, promoting UK birds’ conservation and growth!
The nest box should be sited on a tree, wall, fence or building at least 1.5m – 2m above the ground. They should be situated away from easy access by cats and predators. Many people make the mistake of positioning their bird boxes too high up. Garden birds tend to prefer to nest in shrubs, small trees and bushes nearer to the ground so try to find a safe and similar position to places where they’d naturally build their nests.
Wherever you position the box, try to ensure that you can still access it for maintenance. Finally, if possible, try to put it somewhere where you can see it. Or invest in a nest box camera, to maximise your enjoyment of watching wild birds in your garden.
If you need any advice on which bird box to choose we are more than happy to help.