Hedgehog Time

Hedgehog Time

Well the clock change is behind us and some of our customers are already reporting hedgehog sightings and activity is their gardens.

With this better weather now, they will be waking up and coming out of hibernation. keep an eye out for them, they will be very weak and if you can assist with some food and water source that would be very helpful. we have the “spike” hedgehog food, some meat and some semi moist and crumble mix or if you have some dried chicken-based cat or kitten biscuits these will be suitable.

Always important to provide some water to keep them healthy.

Remember hedgehogs shouldn’t be about in the day time but early evening they will start to forage and hunt for food.

Is your garden hedgehog friendly? they can travel quite a large distance overnight so try and keep access points for them to travel from garden to garden easily.

If you need any more advise we can happily try and help, just drop us an email or give us a call.

Happy hedgehog time, If you see any out and about try and take some photographs and post on our Facebook page or Instagram page we would love to see them.


We do stock a range of hedgehog homes and hay and feeding bowls, visit the website shop for further details