Hedgehog Welfare

We have had an Alert come through from the Hedgehog Welfare.
As the weather has gone from feeling like -6 to temperatures reaching up to 11 degrees, we can expect to see hedgehogs out and about. If they have been in hibernation for a long time or even just a couple of weeks, they can be disorientated, hungry and thirsty. So please ensure that you have food down, like hedgehog food or dried chicken based cat/kitten food and of course, some clean water.
Hedgehogs may appear wobbly, this could be because they are dehydrated. If you are concerned, pick up the hedgehog, wearing gloves, put them in a high sided cardboard box or a plastic box or pet carrier, with thick newspaper on the bottom and plenty of torn up newspaper as a bed. Remember they need lots of food an water and leave them alone. Do not keep going back to them as this will disturb them. They are wild animals and not pets so quiet and as little human and other activity will help them. If they eat well before you go to bed and appear better let them go and leave plenty of food and water outside for them.
However, if they have not eaten, put a glass or plastic bottle (something like an empty wine or squash bottle) which has been filled up with HOT water and wrap in one sheet of newspaper and place it in the torn- up newspaper next to the hedgehog (make sure the bottle lid is on securely) and ensure they cannot escape from the box or carrier. If necessary, put the box in the bath so if it escapes, they cannot roam the house – and the bath is easier to clean than the house.
Any problems and want some more advice please call The Hedgehog Welfare on 07940 714830 (from 9am)
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 If your looking for a hedgehog house we have a few different ones to choose from they are perfect to take shelter in and we have hedgehog food in stock too,
if you need any advice give us a call 01636 821232 we are more than happy to help.