It’s been a busy year so far!

What a busy couple of months it has been!

Well where do I start, the past few months have been so hectic, I am rather tired to be honest.

We had a very busy start to the year and have added in a lot of new ideas and products in the shop and coffee lounge and conference room, I am always being asked for new ideas all the time so I keep looking with Lesley, Deb and Suzanne to keep improving our offerings.

Harvest has just about come to the end for this season now we have had a lot of weighing and sampling jobs to do all over August so we are now onto Autumn cultivations in preparation for the new Oilseed Rape, Wheat and Barley crops to be sown. Robert and Harvey are at their happiest when they are on their tractors!

What are we up to now you ask ? well it is all very exciting at the moment, we have been busy since February working through ordering our Christmas stock, yes you heard me Christmas, ( I have even heard a whisper this morning that I just might be getting a Christmas uniform ! )

Gosh we have so many nice things, I don’t know where to start, Cushions, table wear, children’s gifts and toys and books and a whole array of wildlife themed gifts, We are all a stickler for hedgehogs and pheasants and stags as you will see when we start arranging our displays from as early as next week. I suggested we put a little bit out so the shop looks nice for Friday when we are holding our Macmillan coffee morning, gosh it is going to be a busy day for me a lot of meeting and greeting to done so I need to get my rest in this week!

I am just helping Suzanne to allocate tables for afternoon teas today she asked me for a little bit of advice so always happy to help where I can 😊

I am looking forward to Sunday I am hoping for some chill time so I will sign off for now and uupdate again next week when I have some unveiling of the first Christmas gift ideas, exciting !

Bye for Now Love Maysie.