Maysie getting ready for the Big Garden Bird watch

Maysie is stocking up on bird feed ready for the big bird watch on the 29th-31st Jan you too can join in the fun with the little ones and order a treat box and activity pack and see the wild birds in your garden.

Attracting wild birds to your garden is both hugely enjoyable and very rewarding, plus it also helps wildlife conservation and specifically helps reverse the trend of declining populations of many of our once common birds. In fact, the UK’s gardens are now considered a vital component part in a much wider conservation effort.

Now there’s a wealth of different foods available, such as sunflower hearts, premium peanuts niger seed, our high-quality bird seed mixes, suet bird food, mealworms.

By providing a wide mix of bird food, you will attract more species and simply because different foods are preferred by different birds – e.g. goldfinches love niger seed and

long-tail tits love suet blocks. We have a large section of feeders, seeds and bird houses to attracted our feathered friend. Why not join the Big Garden Bird Watch this month its a great way to start and see the variety of birds that come in to your garden.

To order a treat box or activity pack give us a call 01636 821232 or if you need any advice on seed we are more than happy to help.


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