Nest Box Season

Here at Hall Farm we recommend getting your nesting bird boxes ready for the colder weather. Now is the time to replace old boxes or put new ones up.

It is a good idea to clean old bird boxes to kill any fleas or parasites which can infest young birds that hatch the following year. This can be done by removing any old nesting material and pouring boiling water in it, make sure they are dry thoroughly before replacing the lid. It is not usually a good idea to put any nesting material in the boxes, the birds that want to use them will simply remove it before they begin the nesting construction it makes more work for the birds and makes the birds boxes less attractive overall.

Try not to put the nesting boxes near a feeding stations, high level of active birds are likely to prevent breeding in the box.

At this time of year the birds will use the nesting boxes for shelter from the weather and at night. Face the bird box in the opposite direction from the prevailing winds a north-easterly direction if possible and they should be at least five feet from the ground.

Any advice on which nesting boxes to use we will be happy to help.

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